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Something to help us to get to know each other a little better...

My Name: Ben
My Age: 22
My Birthdate: February 20 1980
My sex: Male, as if that wasn't a given huh? lol
Interests: Music, Computers, Broadcasting, guitars, *women* yeah I know... Im also into many sorts of activities including Football, Baseball, not actually playing either, but I watch them, I play games, talk online, and watch movies...

Work: well easiest way to put it is, Im a DJ'ing Karaoke Movie clerk... HAHA

How to get in contact with me: is the easiest, if you get onto my friends list, you can always text message me... =c)

so lets here about you! just click your right mouse button and select all, then hold the control key and hit C that will copy everything here, then just erase my answers and fill in your own, or you can make one of your own, thats cool too!

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